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Important Information To Know


  • Student should attend classes 2 – 3 times a week.
  • If anyone is habitually 10 minutes late, you will not be allowed to take classes regardless of age group.  No excuses accepted.

Drop off Pickup Procedures and Parking

We encourage you to enter the second driveway (the one closes to Black Eye Pea).  After entering the driveway, circle around the back of the building and drop the student off at the front door.  This will eliminate cars from entering and exiting in the same driveway causing a backup in the street and ensure the safety of your child.  Parents are encouraged to park in the front of Young Brothers Taekwondo.  When you park, pull up as far as possible and close together to fully utilize the space.

Proper Attire

Uniforms must be neat and clean when attending class.  No jewelry can be worn during class.  If a T-shirt is worn under your top, it must be white. Every uniform must have a Young Brothers Taekwondo patch in the proper location. On cross over style tops, this is the left breast. On V-neck, pull over style tops this is the center of the base of the V-neck.

AAU Membership

All students need to register as members of the Amateur Athletic Union. The AAU calendar year runs from September to September. The cost is $12 for children and $22 for ages 19 and older.


Registration is done online at www.aautaekwondo.org

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Photos from taekwondo classes at Young Brothers Taekwondo

Tots Class

The following policies are enforced at all times.


  • No siblings are permitted to wait in the viewing room during the tots class (this is not a crying room).
  • As a courtesy to the instructors, please refrain from loud talking in the viewing room.
  • Parents, if you notice that you are becoming a distraction to your child, please leave the viewing room.
  • No toys or electronic games will be permitted in the viewing room.
  • Parents will be permitted to observe class periodically.
  • If you are speaking too loudly and being disruptive, you will be asked to leave.Please keep all noise to a minimum.