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Jacob Anderson’s Testimonial

“Signing my son up with Young Brothers Taekwondo is the single best investment I have ever made for him. He has been studying with Master De Los Reyes for the last six months, and the difference in him has been phenomenal. His confidence, discipline, manners, as well as strength and ability have gone through the roof. A big thank you to Master Reyes and the other instructors!”

Grant and Justin with Bo Staff
Grant with Bo Staff

Gary Houchins’ Testimonial

“I cannot say enough positive thinks about this school! My son has been attending this school half of his life and I would not change a thing! Master De Los Reyes and Master Bradford truly care for the students in their development in Tae Kwon Do but also in their personal lives as well! Both are outstanding instructors! My son learned the importance of respect as a part of the program and he carried that over into school. He also learned the importance of self-discipline and hard work from the program and he carried those lessons over into his school life as well earning him numerous academic awards. All the hard work in Tae Kwon Do and the support of Master De Los Reyes and Master Bradford have instilled self confidence in my son that changed his life all through the values they teach in the program. It has also been a wonderful as a parent to not only watch my son grow in this sport but to watch many other students grow in so many positive ways. It has been a joy to watch all the students amaze themselves as to what they can accomplish. I high recommend this school to any parent. To this day my son loves going to this school!”

Brandon Cain’s Testimonial

“If you are looking for an excellent martial arts program for your children or even for yourself, you won’t find a better one than Young Brothers Taekwondo Copperfield. My family has been practicing with this school for nine years now. I have a 13-year- old, 10-year- old, and 8-year- old who all have grown and excelled through this program. I practiced for 4 years and my wife even does the Fighting Fit classes (which she absolutely loves!), so you can see our family strongly believes in this program and what it can do for the fitness and self-confidence for all its students.
Masters De Los Reyes and Bradford are top notch and they are super patient with kids and adults alike. They also employ several junior instructors who all came up through this school and every kid I’ve seen take classes comes out with a smile on their face, eager to tell mom & dad what new thing they’ve learned. I’d highly recommend this program for any family or child…
the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see a huge difference in their attitude and development!!”

Justin with Bo Staff
Noah and Justin sparring 1

Great place to learn. Both my son and my nephew love this place.

– Kim Ly

Wonderful, amazing, and immensely knowledgeable instructors who work with each student to help them be the best they can be!!!

– Kimberly Peel Ward

Great school professionally run. My family and I have been there going on 11yrs. My daughter started there when she was 5 at the YMCA camp run by Young Brothers and switched to the main school at 6 and is still going at 17.

– Ken Licorish