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Our Taekwondo Color Belt Testing Requirements

We hold color belt tests quarterly. All color belt students are expected to test for promotion to a higher belt at each scheduled test. However, as test time approaches, Young Brothers Taekwondo instructors will determine if a student is prepared to successfully test for the next rank. Every effort is made during the three months between tests to prepare each student for the next test. Instructors mark the progression of a students learning and if the requirements are mastered, students may receive stripes on their belt. The red stripe is for patterns, the white stripe is for kicking practice, four-direction and kicking skill, and the blue stripe is for their pattern meaning. To successfully progress through each rank’s curriculum, it is important that students attend class regularly for a minimum of two classes per week as per each membership level.


Color belt testing forms are distributed in class near the date of the next test. If a student has been given a testing form, he or she is expected to test. Please fill out the form and return it as instructed at least two days before the test date.