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Teens Program

Jesse Jones Park Field Trip Fall 2013

Teens Program


The Teens Program, ages twelve and up, stresses a deeper level of conditioning, as well as Taekwondo techniques and skills at a higher level.

The curriculum focuses on patterns, technique, more advanced self-defense and free sparring, with the addition of one-step sparring designed to develop control and accuracy of deliverance.


A typical hour-long class begins with stretching, followed by a 10 – 15 minute warm up for the muscles and to improve conditioning. This may include running and/or kicking and punching combinations. After warm up, the class may work on patterns and rank specific techniques or engage in supervised free sparring among other drills and exercises.


As always, Master Instructors teach the class. Black belt students of varying ranks will often assist the masters in teaching specific techniques or patterns to color belts or lower-ranked black belts. The classes are friendly, yet challenging!


The Goals of Young Brothers Teens Program:

  • Offer excellent instruction in advance techniques
  • Instill a sense strong sense of responsibility and respect
  • Make students become wholesome martial artists
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